you are their favorite.

Let’s all be honest, here – March 2020 has been rough. On everyone. I think that even though our small children may not know all of the madness that is swirling around them, they can feel that we are bogged down by it all. And that makes them act strangely.

Yes, the cutie in the above picture is mine. We just couldn’t resist making this picture into a meme. haha!!

My beautiful, sweet, tenacious, feisty, sassy four-year-old embraced me a few nights ago as I was putting her to bed. She then said something to me that I cannot get out of my mind:

“You’re not the best. But you’re my favorite”.

Initially insulted and taken aback, I just said, “goodnight” and left the room. I mentioned it to my husband and he had the same reaction. What on Earth did she mean by this?

Well, I have given it a lot of thought. And I think it actually makes a lot of sense, and she wasn’t trying to hurt my feelings at all.

She’s right.

I’m not the best.

But I am her favorite.

I snap sometimes. I’m not the fun, crafty mom that always has things ready to make and play with. I am not very sports-oriented, so I don’t run around and be crazy with them like I could. I do work my butt off, and try with everything that I am to be the best that I can be. And I fall short, often.

But I am there.

I snuggle them. I play with them. I cook with them. I shower them. I encourage them to be whatever they want to be.

I believe this could apply to all of us, trying to make our way through this hot mess that we call motherhood. We, collectively, aren’t the best. We can try our hardest, but someone out there will always be better. And that’s okay. Because at the end of the day, we’re still their favorite. As we try to navigate through the next several weeks with schools and other places closed, remember that even though you may not be the best, you are your baby’s favorite, and that counts for so much.

Thank you, my lovey-bear, for being wiser than anyone I know.

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