Tea and Popsicles

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I don’t know about you, but this winter has been lasting for an eternity. My kids and I have been passing around illness after illness for months! In addition to all the illness, my oldest has asthma. This makes all the coughing even more difficult for this little one. Since she is four, most medicines are not safe or effective for her to take. So, we tried a few things to make her little throat feel better from all the sad coughs.

My throat hurt a lot, too, and I found great relief in drinking Stephen’s Wassail with a ton of honey in it. She wanted to have a tea party with something to actually drink, so we had this! She was in heaven!

On a diferent day, I tried to get her to drink “tea” (lemon juice with honey), which she hated. But then, I took that same mixture and turned them into popsicles with the Pampered Chef Quicksicle Maker. Somehow, everything is better in popsicle form!

How do you fight all the illnesses of the winter?

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