Brother’s Keeper – A Book Review

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The Moment That Lasted A Lifetime.

It was a phone call I never expected to receive.

One of my very best friends, who I had seen just weeks before, was gone. He lost his battle with depression and was gone far too soon.

I remember sitting with the phone held to my ear, unable to move. Unable to breathe. I couldn’t believe it. It couldn’t be true. He was still here – he had to be! How could the world go on without him?

For months, I did not know what to think or feel. The hole in my heart was indescribable, and bewildering. I did not understand the toll that depression can take on a person at that time – all I knew was that it hurt.

Although my pain was real and valid, there were others who were experiencing far worse pain than I. His sweet family – most notably his younger sister.

Her story has been adapted into this fictional “>”Brother’s Keep

Please, take the time to purchase and read this

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