“Cinnamon” Swirly Pearly Painting

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This article is a follow up to a previous post reviewing “Cinnamon” by Neil Gaiman. I loved the imagery Mr. Gaiman used throughout the book. One of the images that stood out the most to me was his usage of “Pearls” to describe Princess Cinnamon’s eyes. In the story, she is blind and chooses not to speak. Seeing her eyes as pearls rather than just white was beautiful.

My daughter and I tried to paint Cinnamon’s pearly eyes while the littler sisters were sleeping. Here are our results!

My biggest girl and I reread the first few pages of the book again and talked about pearls. She wasn’t familiar with them, so I showed her some pearly beads. We talked about how they were smooth, shiny, and they have an interesting color to them. We talked about swirling paints together to make them look like pearls.

I purchased the beads, the paint, and the construction paper from Walmart. I wanted to find paints with more of a sheen, but wasn’t able to in this visit.

We swirled paint together on a paper plate and she finger painted into the eyes. I just drew the eyes onto brown construction paper with a sharpie. She really enjoyed the finger painting. This helped her to practice staying in the lines, it was sensory play with the textures of the paint and paper, and just fun.

After this, my daughter wanted to continue painting, so she decided to paint Cinnamon’s outfit on a different page with watercolors that we already had at home. I love that this activity spurred some creativity for her in a totally different direction. Stay tuned for more Cinnamon crafts coming your way!

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