Today was not my best momming day. On another day, in another life, I might have focused solely on the things that didn’t go well and call the whole day a complete loss.

Today’s defeats might have included…

  • Too much screen time for my girls and myself.
  • Dinner was a wash – I didn’t pay enough attention to the timing needed for it to be successful.
  • Almost no chores accomplished.
  • Not enough fruits and veggies served to my family.
  • Snappy with my girls.

Today, though, I am going to choose to look at my feats. They have included…

  • One on one time with each of my children.
  • Checked in on a friend today.
  • Kept relaxing so that I didn’t put myself into preterm labor.
  • Made my bed and the kids’ beds (with help from my big girl).
  • I now have dinner for a different night, ready.
  • My kids got to eat pizza on time instead of waiting for forever for the chicken I made to finish baking.
  • I did my hair and makeup today.
  • My kids were clean and fed and spent time with a friend today.
  • I took time to work on my blog stuff that I have been neglecting.
  • My girls wore the outfits they wanted and felt fancy and beautiful.

Struggling with depression and anxiety like I do, I am very proud of working through the struggles of today and finding positive things to celebrate. Going off of anxiety medication has made me realize exactly how much good it was doing for me, and I know I’m a nicer mom when I’m on the drugs. It makes me have even more respect for others I know that struggle with mental illness.

This is all so difficult. Keep on going. Know that someone is in your corner, rooting for you.