My top ten doTERRA Products for personal use

I am not receiving a commission for any doTERRA products used in this post, but may for other products from other shops. I am just promoting something that has worked for me. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. 

You always hear about essential oils and how they have changed someone’s life, but do you ever get a little skeptical of that? Is it the placebo effect or are these smelly oils actually changing lives? I’ll tell you I feel like some of the products I’ll mention in this post have genuinely made my life better.

Background: I am 32 and struggle with at least one autoimmune issue. I also struggle with depression and anxiety, and am not medicated for those at this moment because of health reasons. I have three kids, 4 years old and under, one of which is breastfeeding.

Lifelong Vitality Pack

I don’t think I could ever explain how much good these supplements have done for my health. I notice immediately when I go a day without these – even if I only take half of the recommended dosage! In addition to physical health benefits, my mental health is absolutely better. My anxiety sky rockets when I am not taking these.

Real life example: I took these while I was pregnant with #3. You know those awful leg cramps you get when you’re pregnant? They’re the worst. I realized that once I started taking these, I quit getting those. If I only took half of the recommended dose, I got them. I don’t know what exactly is in them that prevents that, but if that is the only reason you take these, it’s great!

I have also noticed that I am more – *ahem* – regular in the gastrointestinal department than if I don’t take them. I don’t dare go without anymore!

Copaiba Softgels

When CBD oil started getting popular, I will be honest I was not sure how to feel. I had a lot of feelings on both sides of the fence. I knew I could benefit from the good points of CBD oil but purity issues made me nervous. I know CBD companies do their best to get all of the THC (the stuff that makes you high) out, but there are companies that are not up to parr. I know I am not done having kids, so it was a huge concern of mine.

I started to do some research but nothing I read made my uneasiness dissapate. Then, one night, I was scrolling Pinterest and came across a graphic talking about Copaiba Oil. It compared Copaiba to CBD oil and my anxieties over the whole issue were immediately released. It was unreal how much lighter I felt.

I now take at least one of these softgels per day, but can take more if my anxiety starts to rise. It’s been great!

OnGuard Softgels

So, all of the OnGuard collection is awesome. I have a TON of it. I have even used the oil blend on my dryer balls to give that extra protection to our clothes during high flu seasons.

Especially since the outbreak of COVID-19, I have been taking at least one of these every day to keep my immune system boosted. Having an autoimmune disease puts me at higher risk to catch even the littlest colds, so taking care of myself is key.

OnGuard Hand Soap

I was resistant to get this, but I don’t think I could give a real reason why. I think I felt like it was pricey for what it was. But, there was a promotion a few months back that if you spent a certain amount that you got a ton of OnGuard products for free, so I figured I would give it a shot. I feel like it is best paired with

I don’t know why it took me so long to buy this blend! It’s a pre-diluted blend, safe for kiddos. My 2 year old loves it for nap time. It smells peaceful, like a flower garden. She even has me “put it” on her dollies. (Really, I leave the lid on and rub the lid on her dollies’ feet). I think it does help her relax enough to get to sleep. All the little girls in our house have FOMO something fierce, so it’s always good to have that little extra help.


Also used mostly for my girls, but also good for me. I put 2-3 drops of peace blend into their petal diffuser at night. I do think it helps them to calm down. There was a period of time where we were “raising” caterpillars into butterflies, and I didn’t fill the diffuser. I was afraid it might kill the little bug friends. In that time, my girls got out of bed way more than they had used to. Is it related? Hard to say for sure. COVID-19 has done a number on all of us.

Petal Diffuser

Speaking of the diffuser, this one is a must-have in my girls’ room at night. It lights up, and the girlies depend on it for a night light. My oldest calls it her “special light” that keeps nightmares away.

I love that this one can run for 12 hours. That way I can set it when they go to sleep, and it should stay on all night. That way if they wake up and it’s dark, they still have their special light “keeping them safe”.

OnGuard Cough Drops

I know, OnGuard again! But these cough drops are sweet. And by that, I mean awesome! Though there is some sugar, because cough drops have to have sugar, they’re not as bad as other commercial brands out there. When you put it in your mouth, it tastes like Christmas. Cinnamon, citrus, and clove burst in your tastebuds and help kick that icky infection out!

Slim & Sassy

This one is actually on my wishlist for when I am done breastfeeding! I can’t wait to add it to my daily regimen. Being a little on the heavier side of things, and having a bad thyroid, I need all the help I can in the weight loss department!

What are your top Essential Oil products that you use? How have they changed your life?

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